PowerBuild™ 7 毫米护膝

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颜色: 黑色的
尺寸: S

穿上 KEFI PowerBuild™ 7 毫米护膝,让您的锻炼充满力量。它们由厚氯丁橡胶制成,当您承受沉重的重量时,它们可以为膝盖提供压缩和强度。非常适合举重运动员、健美运动员、奥林匹克举重运动员、运动量来找到和一般举重运动员,在进行深蹲、弓步、硬拉和其他对膝盖施加压力的运动时,帮助减少膝盖拉伤、疼痛和不适,而不限制运动范围。


从您的护膝交付给您之日起,我们的1 年性能保证将为您提供材料和工艺方面的产品缺陷保障。如果您遇到任何问题,我们将免费为您寄送一副替换护膝。

Explore the KEFI PowerBuild™ 7mm Knee Sleeves

Injury Prevention & Pain Relief

Knee sleeves provide support for the knee joint, limiting patella movement without restricting your range of motion. This can protect your knees from future injuries. Knee sleeves also improve proprioception, or your ability to sense the position of your knees, which helps you perform squats with better form and proper alignment. The compression from knee sleeves increase blood flow and warmth in the knee, which alleviates pain and swelling.

Increased Recovery Times & Strength

Wearing compression garments can help athletes recover faster after exercising and eliminate toxins from muscle tissue. Compression reduces inflammation and lactic acid buildup while minimizing muscle vibrations to prevent soreness after a tough workout. Shorter recovery times mean you’ll be able to incorporate more frequent strength training sessions into your routine, which will help you get stronger faster.

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